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Judge Herr

Judge Maria Teresa Herr was elected in November of 2002 and is enjoying her second term as judge of the 186th District Court. Judge Herr was born in San Antonio and graduated from Sam Houston High School. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She received her Doctor of Jurisprudence in May of 1986 from the University of Texas Law School in Austin, Texas. Before being elected as Judge of the 186th District Court, Judge Herr served as an Assistant District Attorney in Bexar County for fifteen years. During her time at the District Attorney’s office, she was promoted to chief of the misdemeanor unit.

From 2006 through 2008, while serving as Judge of the 186th District Court, Judge Herr presided over the Bexar County Felony Drug Court, a “last chance” court for individuals who are facing serious prison time to become rehabilitated and productive members of the community. She was instrumental in developing the drug court program, accessing grant funds to support the program and garnering support of the program from Commissioners Court and her fellow judges. Ultimately, Commissioners Court funded a full time drug court magistrate in Bexar County so that the program could thrive and serve the needs of the participants on a full time basis. Judge Herr has been active in serving on the Mental Health and Substance Abuse committee of the Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG) Community Plan in order to secure funds for those programs aimed at rehabilitating individuals with substance abuse dependency and mental health issues. Judge Herr currently serves on the juvenile board and the jail population committee.


Judge Herr has been honored for her support of and dedication to the following organizations:

  • Crime Stoppers
  • West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
  • The Association for the Advancement for Mexican Americans
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio
  • Elite Counseling
  • Justicia y Ley, District XV
  • The Patrician Movement “Women Empowering Women”
  • Texas Community Service Association
  • Bexar County Democratic Party
  • Board of Advocates-St. Mary’s University Law School


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